Performance Business Design
Business Strategy Consulting

Performance Business Design Has Three Objectives:

#1 To help increase your profits 10% over 12 months
#2 To move your business to 100% efficiency using our 12-stage performance check
#3 To give future owners all they need to start their own business

How we Meet These Objectives

Together, we find opportunities in our 12-Stage Performance Check and then collaborate to improve them.  During the initial consultation, which is free, we listen to where you feel the opportunies for growth lie.  We work with clients in a variety of areas.  They include creating Marketing Plans, Social Media Campaigns, creating Sales Campaigns for rolling out new products, expanding geographically.  In all there are twelve.  Our experience has shown that businesses which perform well in all twelve areas usually are successful.  Moreover, as part of our process, we do an initial Performance Report, which is free to you, to benchmark your business' present state of performance.  In collaborating, our approach is structured, so that you always know how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what we will accomplish.  After meeting initially face-to-face, work meetings are held on-line for their collaborative benefits.  Each meeting lasts 60-90 minutes, and there are typically 2 to 8 of them, depending upon the Performance Enhancement Strategy chosen.  We are collaborators meaning, on average our clients contribute about 50% of the ideas.

And for Those Considering Their Own Business?
We offer 7 different start-up packages.  Depending upon the package selected, we cover everything from analyzing the feasibility of your business idea, to analyzing the competition to determine how to capitalize upon your competitive strengths, to registering, licensing, and clearing your business of trademark and domain infringements.  And of course writing a Business Plan, if required.  Since you'll be collaborating with a Wall Street Securities Analyst who evaluates financing proposals weekly, your business plan will be as persuasive as it can be.
What Distinguishes Us

  • In today's era of downsizing, we offer you the same planning initiatives that large corporations have, but at a fraction of the price and time.
  • Unlike traditional consultants, our approach is collaborative to the extent that the state of Massachusetts certified us to to help develop the workforces of small businesses across the state.
  • Because we collaborate, your staff becomes better equipped and better trained for long after the consulting engagement is over. 
  • You always know exactly what will be done,  how long it will take, and  what it will cost.
  • Our work is guaranteed: If you don't feel we've met our objectives, then our services are free.  In four years, never has a client requested a refund.
  • We have 30 years experiences as a Wall Street securities analyst.  Which means, we think we know how successful companies get that way, and we want our clients to be among them.