Performance Business Design
Business Strategy Consulting

Performance Business Design Has Three Objectives:

#1 To help increase your profits 10% over 12 months
#2 To help move your business towards your grand vision
#3 To give people all they need to start their own business

How we Meet These Objectives

After a free consultation with us, business owners choose from a menu of Business Strategy Units.  Each Business Strategy Unit focuses on a particular area of your business such as defining your target customer, optimizing your product positioning, creating a Marketing Campaign, Social Media Campaign, employee training program, or building systems to handle clients in volume.  In all we offer about two dozen specific target units to get you where you need to be.  Our approach is highly structured, and meetings are held on-line for their collaborative benefits.  Each meeting lasts 60-90 minutes, and there are typically 2 to 8 of them, depending upon the unit selected.  The client always knows how long it will take, what we will accomplish, and what it will cost.  Everything is flat-rate, and collaborative.

And for Those Considering Their Own Business?
We offer 7 different start-up packages.  Depending upon the package selected, we cover everything from analyzing the feasibility of your business idea, to analyzing the competition to determine how to capitalize upon your competitive strengths, to registering, licensing, and clearing your business of trademark and domain infringements.  And of course writing the Business Plan.  Unlike cheaper services, our background as Wall Street securities analysts ensures that your business plan sounds as good as the publicly held corporations we hear from weekly.
What Distinguishes Us

  • In today's era of downsizing, we provide the horsepower of the larger firms by training your staff to accompish plans and strategies
  • Unlike traditional consultants our Business Strategy Units are structured, vetted, yet flexible enough to meet your specific needs. In fact, the state of Massachusetts certified us to to help develop the workforces of small businesses across the state.
  • Meetings are held on-line for your convenience, or, for larger firms, at your office.
  • We are collaborators.  Because we collaborate, your staff comes out better equipped, better trained, and better able to handle the day to day issues of operating the modern business.  Plus, by teaming your experience with your business with our experience with how successful companies get that way you form a powerful collaborative combination.
  • Our structured approach to business strategy consulting means you always know exactly what will be done,  how long it will take, and  what it will cost.
  • Our work is guaranteed: If you don't feel we've met our objectives, then our services are free.  In three years, never has a client felt this way.