Performance Business Design
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Performance Business Design

Performance Business Design collaborate with businesses of less than $10 million to increase profits 10%. 

We do this by first assessing your Business Performance Score. Then, together, we identify weak areas in our 12-Area Performance Check.  Those are the 12 areas we've determined most contribute to business success.  Publicly held corporations do them all well.  Businesses of less than $10 million are always weak in several of them, our research shows. 

Once we identify an area needing improvement we collaborate in a series of weekly meetings, typically 6 or so.  The meetings are held online for your convenience and to facilitate producing the numerous projects, documents and action plans that result. 

The result is that your business performs at a higher level, and profits increase.  Finally, we check in with you each month throughout the year to see that things are going as planned and milestones are being met.

2/3/2016 we did a Performance Analysis for Advanced Energy Concepts.  Not so good, we hope to raise results.  


And for Those Considering Their Own Business?
We offer 7 different start-up packages.  Depending upon the package selected, we cover everything from analyzing the feasibility of your business idea, to analyzing the competition to determine how to capitalize upon your competitive strengths, to registering, licensing, and clearing your business of trademark and domain infringements.  And of course writing a Business Plan, if required.  Since you'll be collaborating with a Wall Street Securities Analyst who evaluates financing proposals weekly, your business plan will be as persuasive as it can be.

What Distinguishes Us

  • We are collaborators.  We depend on your for your knowledge of your products and its customers.  What we bring to the table is the experience of understanding how businesses of all sizes evolve to be successful corporations
  • Since all of our work is collaborative there are no consulting reports.  Which means we don't have to convince you of anything.  If you don't like an idea it doesn't go down on paper.
  • We've streamlined our methods to make them cost-effective for businesses of almost any size. 
  • Because we are obsessive about structure, you always know what we will accomplish, how long it will take, and what it will cost.
  • Once our work is done we check in with you throughout the year to see that things are going as planned.
  • Our work is guaranteed: If you don't feel we've met our objectives, then our services are free.  In four years, never has a client requested a refund.
  • Michael Emerald, CFA has 30 years experience as a Wall Street securities analyst and meets weekly face-to-face with the CEOs and management of publicly held companies.  We know how successful companies think, talk, and act, and we want our clients to be one of them.